Seminars – BSEN 62305 & NFC 17-102

Seminars – BSEN 62305

First Power & Surge Protection Ltd offers a series of seminars on all aspects of this extremely complex field. These seminars can last from 60 minutes or be extended to several hours depending on the subject and the audience requirements. We have BSEN62305 accredited partners within the group who are able to deliver seminars covering all aspects of this complex standard.

BSEN 62305 is a new raft of Standards that commenced in September 2008 and replaces BS6651

BSEN 62305 is spilt into 4 parts:

BSEN62305-1: General Principles.

This is an introduction to all parts of the standard.

BSEN62305-2: Risk Management

Part 2 is the most important part of the standard. The results of which dictate which level of lightning protection system is required. It is therefore vital to provide as much information as possible to enable us to carry out the risk assessment correctly.

There are four types of loss to be considered in BSEN62305:

  • R1 – Loss of Human Life
  • R2 – Loss of Services to the Public
  • R3 – Loss of Cultural Heritage
  • R4 – Loss of Economic Value

BSEN62305-3: Physical Damage to Structures and Life Hazards

Part 3 of the standard relates to the design and installation of the Lightning Protection System. Once the protection level has been calculated from the risk assessment, the basis of the design will be based upon information taken from the table below.

BSEN62305-4: Electrical and Electronic Systems within Structures

Part 4 focuses on the electrical and electronic systems within the structure. BS6651 contained annex C, which only recommended the use of surge protection devices. BSEN62305 makes it compulsory for surge protection devices to be fitted as an integral part of the lightning protection system on all service line entries.

As you can see, BSEN62305 is a complex new standard. Being experts in our field First Power & Surge Protection Ltd are the UK’s leading Consultancy who not only provide solutions but also products and if required, installation to the power networks and data systems. Our Integrated Alliance Network has undergone intensive training courses, which were carried out by experts from ATLAS (Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists). FPSP Ltd are proud to have trained some of the UK’s leading electrical contractors

CPT Seminar Agenda

“Transient Energies, Containment & Protection”
The seminar will take approximately 60-90 minutes and details the points below:

  1. Complete overview of BSEN62305
  2. Duty of Care
  3. Due Diligence
  4. BSEN62305 Internal zoning of buildings for protection against lightning and surge events
  5. Classification of S.P.D.s to BSEN62305-4 – EN61643/11
  6. The correct installation and fiting of S.P.D.s within the building and the power network
  7. Parallel cable runs and its dangers
  8. The penalties for incorrect devices and incorrect locations within power equipment and its legal implications
  9. All aspects of the new standard BSEN62305 – EN61643/11
  10. The classification of S.P.D.s to BSEN62305-4
  11. Discussion: MOV from Arc gas blast chambers, or reverse
  12. Data cable and the implications of parallel wiring
  13. EX zone protection and classification of arresters
  14. UL & K.E.M.A. Certification
  15. Co-ordination, the implications of not using a co-ordinating system
  16. Dated manufacturers equipment and the truth about co-ordination
  17. The requirements for maintenance and testing of LP systems and SPDs
  18. Lightning arrester capabilities
  19. Surge arrester capabilities
  20. Lightning energy: it’s ability to enter a panel board via the earth bond and terminate its operation – prevention and solution
  21. Arc spark over and the dangers of touch & step
  22. Risk: responsibility and ownership of risk
  23. Metal Oxide Varister Technology versus Arc Gas Blast Chambers
  24. Manufacturer’s technology and the implications of incorrect selection
  25. Let through volts, post lightning strike trauma: who are the most offending manufacturers?
  26. Early Streamer Emission systems – reduction in costs over Faraday network
  27. Principles of a Early Streamer Emission
  28. Cost effective approach to Lightning & Surge Protection in power networks
  29. ESE Enhanced protection
  30. ESE Protection Levels