Accreditation Process

The accreditation process is designed by FPSP Ltd and is central and pivotal for electrical engineers (electricians) for all SPD equipment installations.

With this system, it allows the fully integrated approach to the BSEN62305 standard for lightning and surge protection, enhanced systems for protection and to ensure all the wiring regulations are met within both the BSEN Standard and the BS7671 installation standard.

Our half day installation seminar is designed around the needs of the work place and we ensure that all seminars on this subject are carried out with functional ease and are a true and solid reflection of the protective measure of the equipment.

Best Practice will deliver:

Stable and correctly installed systems ✔
Enhanced warranties on our equipment ✔
Huge reductions in the cost of products over non accredited installers ✔
Correct fusing systems for the devices ✔
Wiring connection true to form and within the tolerances as laid down by BSEN62305 & bs7671 ✔
Safe and secure equipment thus longevity of the systems upstream ✔
Compliance with manufacturers installation protocols ✔

Poor installation or design process along with poor equipment will deliver:

Dangerous and unsafe equipment ❌
Incorrect fusing will deliver failure of the devices thus disconnection ❌
Incorrect cable length and runs leaking voltage onto equipment ❌
Hotspots (fire hazard) ❌
Poor quality rebranded devices - Dangerous exploding systems ❌
Dangerously high let through voltage resulting in damage of equipment (High value of let through voltage) ❌
Enhanced surge arresters sold as lightning arresters and installed in LPZ1 - resulting in failure and damage ❌
The dangers of T2 40KA surge arrester being installed in to main panels as T1 Lightning Arresters! ❌
Incorrect device selection will result in lack of any protection on the power network thus potential legal ❌
Implications for the installer
On all our projects we offer a full toolbox talk on delivery and this allows us to offer a ten-year warranty on our equipment.
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