Category: Lightning Rod Accessories

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Accessories for fixation of the mast to either a wall or a roof structure by means of screws or in an embedded way.

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Code Reference Description Data Sheet
77904100 PIE SOP MAST TEJ Mast base support on flat roof or ground.
7790420077904200 ANCLAJES EMPO30 Set of 30 cm anchorages for recessed mounting or welding (2 pieces). Mast D 1 1/2" 6m
77904300 ANCLAJES PL15 Set of 15 cm metal screw-plate anchorings (2 pieces). D 1 1/2" Mast 3 and 6m
77904400 ANCLAJES PL30 Set of 30 cm metal screw-plate anchorings (2 pieces).Mast D 1 1/2"