Category: Earthing

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Code Reference Description Data Sheet
77931100 REGL EQUIPOT ARQ Equipotential terminal strip.
77932000 JAB INOX Stainless steel earth rod 2 m, diameter 14 mm.
77932100 JAB Cu Copper earth rod 300 micras 2 m, diameter 14 mm.
77934200 GRAPA-AB La/JAB Earth rod connection brass U-bolt.
77934300 GRAPA-AB INOX/JAB Earth rod connection stainless steel U-bolt.
77934400 GRAPA-AB La Brass U-bolt 14 and 18 mm. diameter (2 conductors).
77934500 GRAPA-AB INOX Stainless steel U-bolt 14 and 18 mm. diameter (2 conductors).
77936100 PLACA TT Copper earth plate 500 x 500 x 2 mm.