CT 10 NW - Coaxial (GDT) surge protectors CCTV

Category: Radio Frequency

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CT 10 NW - Coaxial (GDT) surge protectors CCTV

Protection range base in GDT technology designed to protect equipments used for transmission and reception of radio frequency signals.

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Code Reference Description Data Sheet
77801685 CT 10 NW
Maximum Peak Power 150 W
Maximum Service Voltage Uc 230 V
Protection Level Up (1,2/50) < 600 V
Maximum Discharge Current Imax (8/20) 20 kA
Nominal Discharge Current In (8/20) 10 kA
Bandwidth fg 3 GHz
Insertion loss (3 GHz) < 1 dB
Insertion loss (1 GHz) < 0,2 dB
Impendance 50 Ohms
Connector Type Female - Female
Operating Temperatue Range -20 .. +85°C
Weight 125 g