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University of Florida

As part of our ongoing commitment in expertise in the field of lightning and surge protection we have formed an association with the University of Florida and are delighted to announce this association with Dr. Martin A. Uman, Distinguished Professor, Co-Director of the ICLRT Dr Uman has agreed to offer his expertise in this field to FP&SP Ltd and to allow usage of his site and contents for the improvement in the UK on this complex subject. For this, we offer our grateful thanks to him and his team.

The International Centre for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT) at Camp Blanding, Florida

In October 1994, the University of Florida and Camp Blanding Florida Army National Guard Base signed an agreement forming the International Centre for Lightning Research and Testing (ICLRT) for the purpose of advancing the science and technology of lightning. The Center occupies over 100 acres at Camp Blanding, about 45 km north-east of Gainesville, Florida. Airspace is controlled at Camp Blanding so that lightning initiation from overhead thunderclouds using the rocket-and-wire technique can be routinely performed and the resulting triggered lightning studied, in addition to the study of nearby natural lightning (an average of 5 to 6 natural lightning strikes occur on the site each summer).

In February 1995, The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) donated £900,000 (original value) of measurement and other equipment (including six Nicolet digitizing oscilloscopes) to the Center. In May 1997, the University of Florida (UF) in Gainesville donated and installed a 2500 square foot mobile home (value £28,000) to the Centre in order to make available both research and living space for UF and visiting investigators. During summers 1995 to 2007 over 40 researchers (excluding UF faculty, students and staff) from 15 countries representing 4 continents have performed experiments at the Center concerned with various aspects of atmospheric electricity, lightning, and lightning protection. Since 2005, the ICLRT has been operated jointly by the University of Florida and the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT).

Dr Uman - The Art and Science of Lightning Protection
(Cambridge Univ Press, 2008).

Articles in Reviewed Journals


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