ESE – FREE Risk Assessment Software

Nimbus project is an application for calculating the lightning conductor required for your building according to its location, size and other parameters.

  • Standards: CTE SU 8, and UNE 21186 and NF C 17-102
  • An unlimited number of projects
  • Regulatory and measurement documents
  • Accessories and installation guide

This completely free software provides a wide range of tools used for system calculation, design and maintenance. It is a quick and simple to use step by step application allowing for Lightning protection system solutions to be crated with ease.

The software works using 8 simple steps and work around your building specifications:

Each step is very simple and is used to created the solution around your needs and what your needs taking into account the size of the building specified in the project, where the rod can be fitted, the area the structure is etc. To give you recommendations of what device you will need, what level or protection is needed and the efficiency value required.

To begin your risk assessment project simple click the link (Nimbus Project) and complete the quick registry.

For more information on the Nimbus Early Streamer Emission (ESE) range click the link (Nimbus Rods).