Telephone Lines

Tl4-rk - rack based protectors

> TL4-RK - Rack based protectors

TL4-RK range of surge arresters has been desgined for protection against transient overvoltages in data and telephone lines (PSTN, ADSL, PP and...

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Kpl-tpl - lsa (kpl) and r  measynet (tpl) type protectors

> KPL-TPL - LSA (KPL) and R & Measynet (TPL) type protectors

This series of surge arresters offer solutions for protecting telephone lines against surges in main distribution frames (MDF) with LSA-PLUS...

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Din t - din rail connectors

> DIN T - DIN rail connectors

This series of surge arresters provides solutions to protect 1-par telephone systems on DIN rail. They are specially recommended for protecting...

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Mch - aerial protectors - rj connector

> MCH - Aerial protectors - RJ connector

Easy installation for isolated equipments, with connection by means of RJ connector, which allow these surge arresters to be installed in series...

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