Alliance Partners

With our network of Integrated Alliance Partnerships, First Power & Surge Protection Ltd, has built a dynamic team of specialist suppliers of products and services which meet the needs of all modern buildings.

From power management and control, to energy efficiency and power installation, we have an integrated team of companies who are at the top of their respective fields.

Our expertise and focus remains on Lightning & Surge Protection with design consultants focusing on every other area of electrical engineering. Having a 20 year switchgear background and experience on every type of power installation and surge suppression, we have the knowledge to deliver a solution that is above and beyond any of our competitors.

With a collective design team experience totalling nearly 200 years, we aim to provide a solution for every eventuality. This embraces companies from every area of electrical engineering and brings together a huge cross over in expertise and professional installation experience.

 FPSP Ltd and Integrated Partners are always searching for new and exciting companies who bring originality and  technically innovative products and services. By utilising this integrated system of partnerships, First Power & Surge Protection Ltd will grow into the UK’s leading supplier of electrical and electronic supplies and service solutions.

We have 7 regional centres all based at the Integrated Partner premises and these can be used for seminars, training, product updates and to showcase the services we offer as a collective group.

We are in on-going discussions with several nuclear companies and aim to be a turnkey products and solution provider in this extremely complex field. We are a dynamic and forward thinking operation backed by strong members of high end providers and we are aiming high!